URL rewriting - removing hash

How can I remove the hash sign (#) from the page's URL ? I am using the SWFAddress plugin (jQuery) for deep linking purposes.

I need to replace this




(Yes, #blog is just an anchor).

Somehow url rewriting in .htaccess doesn't work

RewriteRule /blog #blog [L]

Any suggestions ?


The bit with the hash in the URL is not sent to the server when requesting a page, so you can't use redirect rules like that. It's client-side only.

As the URL fragment is not transmitted to the server, you can only use a client side solution. Here’s one using JavaScript:

if (location.href.indexOf("#") > -1) {
    location.assign(location.href.replace(/\/?#/, "/"));

This simply checks if there is a # in the URL and replaces the first occurrence with /. So /site/#blog would get /site/blog.

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