XML Extra free space

Good day, in general is a problem, I work with XML through C# XMLdocument, after saving that "document", there is such a thing: 


After saving:


How to remove extra spaces?  I've tried: doc.PreserveWhitespace=true;  before saving and before loading. The result is not one that removes all spaces. XML document (large volume) become visually unreadable. I have already tried, same result. And need Encoding windows-1251 Why XmlDocument do this bad thing? That free or whitespace important for me and my "program". the problem is solved. thank you all


It can be done. You've got to help control the formatting options when you save the document:

XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();

using (var wr = new XmlTextWriter(fileName))
    wr.Formatting = Formatting.None;

Or you can fine-tune it further with XmlWriterSettings:

var settings = new XmlWriterSettings
    Indent = false,
    NewLineChars = String.Empty
using (var wr = XmlWriter.Create(fileName, settings))
    wr.Formatting = Formatting.None;

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