flickr.auth.getFrob by tcl (REST)

I'm trying to get response from Flickr by using Flickr API but I have no idea and no examples in TCL for that.

I wrote the following code:


package require rest

set flickr(auth.getFrob) {
    req_args { api_key: }

rest::create_interface flickr 

puts [flickr::auth::getFrob -api_key  ea4a4134e2821898e5e31713d2ad74fd ]

When I execute it I get this error:

invalid command name "flickr::auth::getFrob"
    while executing
"flickr::auth::getFrob -api_key  ea4a4134e2821898e5e31713d2ad74fd "
invoked from within
"puts [flickr::auth::getFrob -api_key  ea4a4134e2821898e5e31713d2ad74fd ]"
    (file "./flickr.tcl" line 17)


I've updated the last line of the code as proposed by Johannes to:

puts [flickr::auth.getFrob -api_key  ea4a4134e2821898e5e31713d2ad74fd ]

but still got the strange response:

rsp {stat fail} {{err {code 112 msg {Method "unknown" not found}} {}}}

when supposed something like:


as described in Flickr API help: auth.getFrob


It looks like the command name is


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