paypal redirect set value to mysql

I have C# windows form application with button to open default web browser and go to url to buy credits using paypal.

As a description for paypal product I set username of user register via my c# application. Paypal button url: (I changed paypal email address to because I do not want to reveal my paypal email.)

myProcess.StartInfo.FileName = "" + this.textBox1.Text + "&item_name=" + Form1.sendusername + "";

I need to crate .asp web page for paypal return url. If payment is successful I would like to change value money in mysql database where username is item_name (Form1.sendusername) for old value + new amount.

Mysql database structure:
name of mysql database: sqldata
name of table: users
name of row: money

i guess something like: update money set sqldata.users where username=item_name ....

Can someone provide me with example that I can edit. Please make it simple for me to understand because I am a noob :) Thanks!


Check out the PayPal REST API SDK. There are good, simple, examples on the Github repository.

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