JSF param POST parameter not retrieving

I've been looking an answer, but I don't find anything.

I got a JSF page with a button. This button call a JavaScript function :

function postAdd(id) {
    var quant = document.getElementById("hell:quantite");
   $('<form action="addto.xhtml" method="POST">' + 
    '<input type="hidden" name="productkey" value="' + id + '">' +
    '<input type="hidden" name="howmany" value="' + quant.value + '">' +

This works fine, I've tested it. But in my addto.xhtml page, when I call param.productkey and param.howmany, I got nothing.

I used this method on other page and works fine but here, it doesn't work...

Any idea ?



The answer was to add to form inside the JSF page directly and get all parameters with #{function(param[form:idOfInput]}

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