Looping through fields to validate with jQuery

Is there a way to do this with jQuery?

Here is setup:

<input type='checkbox' class='sk1' />   <input type='text' class='skill1' />
<input type='checkbox' class='sk2' />   <input type='text' class='skill2' />
<input type='checkbox' class='sk3' />   <input type='text' class='skill3' />

<input type="button" onclick="validate();" />

Important: The input field to the right of checkbox is associated with checkbox.

When button is clicked, I want this check: Each checkbox that is checked, can not have an empty input field to the right of it. When it finds one, it will stop and throw an alert.

Looking around, I see I will need to probably uses regex and perhaps the jQuery.each.

Pseudo code:

for each checkbox class^=sk[number]
    check if input[type=text] that has a class with skill[same number as above]
    if empty, alert,
       Otherwise, continue checking other boxes

(Sidenote: Writing that pseudo makes me wonder if there is a better naming convention I can use so that I don't have to extract specific numbers out of these.)

(another note: When an checkbox is NOT checked, the text field is disabled; I have this working)

Can someone give me some guidence on this?


Just loop the checkboxes and check the next text element:

$(":checkbox:checked").each(function() {
    if (!$(this).next(":text").val().length) {
        alert("You must put in text!");
        return false; //bail out of the loop, return true to skip to the next iteration

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/uvQ6C/

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