Anderson Queue lock on Solaris

I need a C equivalent of the following Java class. It is a queue lock known as an Anderson Lock used in thread synchronization. I am not comfortable using C, and there are some thread classes which I don't really know how to use. thanks.

I am using OpenSolaris.

public class ALock implements Lock {
     ThreadLocal mySlotIndex = new       
     ThreadLocal (){
          protected Integer initialValue() {
               return 0;
     AtomicInteger tail;
     boolean[] flag;
     int size;
     public ALock(int capacity) {
          size = capacity;
          tail = new AtomicInteger(0);
          flag = new boolean[capacity];
          flag[0] = true;
     public void lock() {
          int slot = tail.getAndIncrement() % size;
          while (! flag[slot]) {};
     public void unlock() {
          int slot = mySlotIndex.get();
          flag[slot] = false;
          flag[(slot + 1) % size] = true;


I assume you're referring to the type of spin lock described in this paper:

This kind of lock is used for performance reasons. It is efficient because each of the cores spins on a separate address, which remains local to its cache. This reduces "snooping" cache traffic between cores.

However, when implementing this in C and then calling it from Java, the performance advantages are difficult for me to see..

In any case, the concurrencykit site provides C implementations of a number of different kinds of spinlocks and other concurrency related things:

This page has the documentation for the anderson type of spinlock:

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