Website in wordpress redirects to old URL after migration

I had never done migrating a site on wordpress, I'll put step by step how I did, need to put the site on a new domain that are on the same server, so only the migrated files, the database is equal.

I copied all the files from the old wordpress to the new site folder, I had the following result on the new site: Home - The site carries the theme but a message appears: 404: PAGE OR FILE NOT FOUND. newsite/wp-admin/ - redirect to oldsite/wp-admin/

I have the option in the site administrator old put the new URL but I'm afraid I could never access. it can go?



You need to make a change to your database. In the database table wp_options (or whatever your database prefix is), you need to change two lines.

One should be option_id 1, option_name siteurl. Change the option_value from the old url to the new url.

Similarly there should also be option_id 36, option_name home. Change the option_value also from the old url to the new url.

This should do the trick. Also check out for the best method to migrate.


In the comments Damon also mentions the issue with re-linking all the images. This for sure can be a right pain, but I suggest this plugin.

Just search for the old url and replace with the new one. Before doing this though, make sure you have a backup of the database. You can never guarantee the results when using plugins to mess with your database. But this has always worked for me.

I've solved my issue with my solution at No# 04 See below what I tried:

1- Make sure Database wp_option links are set (Set but still redirecting)

2- Additionally define url in wp-config.php file (Set but still redirecting)

3- Clear cache of from server (Set but still redirecting)

4- Clear your browser cache & history (Hurray!!! it solved my issue no redirection)

I think i need to give my contribution! In case you are using Polylang with a dynamic IP, add define('PLL_CACHE_HOME_URL', false); in your wp-config.php and it will solve all your problems (redirection to the former url)!


This goes in your wp-config.php

Also, be sure to clear your cache and use this script to replace ALL urls in your database.

If this setting not work: define('WP_HOME',''); define('WP_SITEURL','');

Try a new browser and clear cache. or try to disable all plugins and check if it working.

Mine worked after i removed cache.

STILL if nothing works

GOTO : ['YES' IT WILL OPEN , if you have migrated correctly]

GOTO : Settings => General Tab =>

you will see two fields their

  1. Wordpress Address URL - Enter your site URL
  2. Site Address URL - Enter your site URL

Make URLs same in Both fields SAVE changes

Enter your site URL in browser clear cache and reload Yeahhh.... Worked for me


Dont forget to modify WP_Options table with your site URL details. Take care my site

My redirection issue was due to caching. If you do not want to have to clear all your cache and you are using Chrome:

Right click anywhere on the page > inpect element > Network tab > tick disable cache. Then in that same Chrome tab try to load your website again.

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