Use different haar file in Marilena for AS3?

I'm using the Marilena port of OpenCV to AS3 and have it working fine with the included file that contains the haar cascade for a frontal face. I've downloaded some other haar xml files - one that finds the two eyes which is what I need. However when I load the file with the ObjectDetector, and draw the found rects, all I get are three giant horizontal rects and they never change. Also tried other haar files with similar results, the only one I can get to work is the one included with the package. Has anyone gotten other haar files to work and did they need to be modified? Anyone have a working eye classifier they'd be willing to share?


you might want to look at this: - they do some serious stuff - works great. Licenses are pricy but you might find it useful. Sorry for not commenting - too low rep.

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