Equivalent of "cd %programfiles%" in PowerShell?

In traditional cmd, we can use cd %programfiles% to switch directory, usually C:\Program Files.

In PowerShell, how can we go to a directory by a environment variable?


The principle is:


So you might try:

cd $Env:Programfiles

or to temporarily switch working directory to %Programfiles%\MyApp:

Push-Location -Path "$Env:Programfiles\MyApp"
# command execution here

To list all environment variables you could do:

Get-ChildItem Env:

To see all the environment variables, do this:

dir env:

To see all the ones containing "Program", do this:

dir env: | ? { $_.Value -match 'Program' }

In PowerShell 3 it is cleaner:

dir env: | ? Value -match 'Program'

The one we want is env:ProgramFiles, and we can just do this:

cd $env:ProgramFiles

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