How can I use a regex to tell if a string has 10 digits?

I need to find a regex that tests that an input string contains exactly 10 numeric characters, while still allowing other characters in the string.

I'll be stripping all of the non-numeric characters in post processing, but I need the regex for client-side validation.

For example, these should all match:

  • 1234567890
  • 12-456879x54
  • 321225 -1234AAAA
  • xx1234567890

But these should not:

  • 123456789 (not enough digits)
  • 12345678901 (too many digits)

This seems like it should be very simple, but I just can't figure it out.



Basically, match any number of non-digit characters, followed by a digit followed by any number of non-digit characters, exactly 10 times.

May be a simpler way, but this should do it.


Though the regex gets easier to handle if you first strip out all non-numeric characters then test on the result. Then it's a simple



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