how can I make a sip call with twisted sip protocol?

I have an asterisk server and I want to know is this possible to make a sip call with twisted sip protocol? if yes how can I do this? unfortunatly I can't find any document about how to use twisted sip protocol or any example of how It works.


Slightly odd request, but yes, it's possible.

For some examples of how to being a SIP session with a server, see the Twisted SIP Test Cases. Once the SIP session is established, you'll need to UDP blast your audio packets over.

Long story short, this will be mostly a manual job, with lots of code. However, it's very interesting! Be sure to post it on github when you have it working.

Then again, most of the heavy lifting is already bundled into some other libraries, so using twisted's SIP modules may not be the best case here. Instead, you could wrap external calls in a twisted reactor, and still feel cool!

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