What's wrong with my switching function

I'm trying to write a script, part of which is similar to below:

function FooBarMeh ($in,$1,$2)
FooBarMeh ($c,$a,$b)

I expect the script to return FOO if I enter A, BAR if I enter B, and MEH if I enter anything else.

However, this is what actually happens:

No matter what I input, I get MEH returned to me three times. If I was to expect MEH at all - even if my first two switching options were somehow broken - I'd think I should only see it once. Why am I getting MEH at all, let alone three times?

Using PowerShell 4.0 on Windows 7 Ultimate


You don't use parentheses when you call functions in PowerShell. You should call FooBarMeh like this:

FooBarMeh $c $a $b

If you call it with ($c, $a, $b), then you are passing an array of 3 elements. That array gets assigned to $in.

(It's interesting that the switch acts like a loop. It gets executed for each item in the array. I wasn't expecting that.)

Note however when you call .NET functions you do use parentheses. For example:


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