How to interpret FB API encoding

Here is a public FB post: Note the emoji after BIG BROTHER time, and others.

Here's is query that finds that same post:

That query includes: "message": "BIG BROTHER time! \udbb9\udd38It's come

How does one interpret \udbb9\udd38 ? This is not standard Unicode, nor is it UTF-8. How does one translate that into the correct UTF-8, which is \uF09F\92BB ?


Facebook encodes Emoji using the "Google" encoding as you can see from this table.

\udbb9\udd38 is javascript escaped UTF-8, and when unescaped is U+FE538.

I can't see the original post to be sure, but U+FE538 corresponds to PERSONAL COMPUTER, which is U+1F4BB in "unified unicode", which looks like this emoji: 💻

I have no idea what language you are working in, but I made a Ruby Gem called Emojivert that assists with the conversion from Google encoding to Unified unicode.

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