How To Make a JPanel visible after clicking a JButton on a JFrame

Here we go...My java application's login form has a option called forgot password..when I click that a panel should appear same time login JFrame goes back and keep as a shade window.that new panel come forward.


this will close the default window is there any method to do that..keep default window open and goes back like a shade, a panel come forword


Dont use .dispose() you only need to hide it.Use


If you want to make it faded out you have to animate it.Use jDialog instead.And play a bit with opacity.Bud in that case dont put set visible to False.Or you wont see it at all.

On new component which you want to have over it

.setAlwaysOnTop(true); // this makes sure that you will see it on top of your main window

after you are done put it away with dispose if you dont need it afterwards.

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