Update a Cordova/Phonegap (3.2.0) plugin into the project

I have self written plugin into my-plugin/plugin.

I install it with cordova plugin add my-plugin/plugin. Then it appears under plugins/ and in my Android project.

Now I want to make some changes in this plugin, but I don't know how to deploy these changes into my Android project.

My current workaround is cordova plugin rm com.my.plugin and then cordova plugin add my-plugin/plugin.

Is there any better way?

$ cordova -v


You could try just cordova plugin add my-plugin/plugin and skip the remove it seems to do the update even though it reports that its already installed.

Like you all I assumed (or read somewhere, not sure which) that cordova auto updated the plugins when building, I dont think that is the case.

With Phonegap 3.4 there are now hooks which can run based on commands such as before_build, using those you can run a script which updates your plugins each time you run build.

See this blog for more info http://devgirl.org/2013/11/12/three-hooks-your-cordovaphonegap-project-needs/

I just had the same question and tried to find any documentation on updating cordova apps but i seems like there is no documentation at all.

So i did it with rm and add afterwards. But i can't believe that there is no better way though :(

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