how to sum all values in mysql using php

My table value is:

id stock
1   7|8
2   80|50|30

and my query is

I used PHP function

function numofQuantity() {

    $sql = "SELECT sum(stock) as quantity FROM products";
    $result = dbQuery($sql);
    return $data['quantity'];


Here it shows the result is 87.

How to sum all the values? Thank you


Now it is difficult to do in Mysql. You can do it php like below:

function numofQuantity() {

    $sql = "SELECT stock FROM products";
    $result = dbQuery($sql);
    $arrayVal = explode("|", $data['stock']);
    return array_sum($arrayVal)


For more info :

Never store multiple values in one column!

As you see now that will only lead to problems. You should rather change your DB design. Use another table to store the stock:

stock table

The you could sum the stock like this

SELECT, sum(s.stock) as quantity 
FROM products p
inner join stock s on s.product_id =
group by

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