Method called by Pointer to Vector can't modify object

I've been searching for a similar problem on the web but I could not find anything helpful, here's the Problem:

When DeleteConnectedEdges calls Method1 on Element 1 of the Vector Edges it seems Method1 can't modify data but there's no error saying so.

How can I make this work? Thank you very much.

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
std::vector<GenericEdgeClass> Edges;

class GenericNodeClass {
    std::vector<GenericEdgeClass> *Edges;
        std::vector<GenericEdgeClass> *EdgesPtr,
        Point3DClass position,
        ID_TYPE new_ID);
    virtual ~GenericNodeClass();
    void DeleteConnectedEdges() {



What is that cast doing there? That causes the function to be called on a temporary copy of the object in Edges, not the object itself, which is why you don't see whatever modification it's supposed to make. The fix is simply to get rid of it:


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