Adding streaming video in web site?

I need to add / include video streaming in a web page of my website. How can I include video streaming in my web page?

Can anyone help with sample or examples or with tutorial links?


Without knowing much about your requirements, I'd suggest using a free service like or - you can stream videos, your desktop, a camera, etc. They will provide you with a block of HTML that you can paste wherever you like.

Check our Darwin Streaming Server. Open source.

Need Your Help

Show splash screen instead of snapshot

ios background splash-screen snapshot default.png

My issue is with the splash screen shown when the app opens while in suspended mode.

Which version the Facebook iOS SDK that Facebook Unity SDK v6.2.2 is rely on?

ios facebook unity3d sdk

The change-log of Facebook Unity SDK don't write about the Facebook iOS SDK version for Facebook Unity SDK v6.2.2.