Stackmob fetchExtended not working

I have started to use Stackmob as a backend for a simple app I am building.

In stackmob I have set a relationship between two schema's and want to use '.fetchExpanded' to grab all of the data from stackmob, see this fiddle (will need to view the console to see the output):


The same code works using the '.fetch' instead of '.fetchExpanded'.

Has anyone come across this before?

Would really appreciate any help.


Ok, I found a work around for this.

Instead of using '.fetchExtended(1);' I will just use '.fetch();' and when I am defining the model I will change the following:

var Bike = StackMob.Model.extend({
    schemaName: "bikes"


var Bike = StackMob.Model.extend({
    schemaName: "bikes?_expand=1"

This seems to remove the need for '.fetchExtended(1);'

Hope this helps someone else.

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