Update item in ko.ObservableArray

I have a small question that i want to find one item by its property and i want to update the same item , also it should reflect in collection.

I am not using knockout util library.

 Choice = function (id, text, order, selected) {
            this.Text = ko.observable(text);
            this.ID = ko.observable(id);
            this.Order = ko.observable(order);
            this.Selected = ko.observable(selected);
Question = function (questiontext, id, order) {
            this.QuestionName = ko.observable(questiontext);
            this.QuestionId = ko.observable(id);
            this.QuestionOrder = ko.observable(order);
            this.Choices = ko.observableArray([]);
            this.UserResponse = ko.observable();
            this.Inputs = ko.observable(new Input());

i want to find question no 3 and i want to update items choice information and added to Questions.

Any help on this.


Assuming questions refers to the ObservableArray which contains the list of Questions on your view model:

function find(array, predicate) {
    array = ko.utils.unwrapObservable(array);
    for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++)
        if (predicate(array[i]))
            return array[i];

var question = find(questions, function (q) { return q.QuestionId == 3; });
var choices = question.Choices;
// Update, add or do anything with `choices`

Things you might want to do after:

  • Add an argument to specify the context in which the predicate runs.
  • Add an argument to specify the index to start the search at.
  • Create pseudo-arrays for your collections and augment their prototypes with the function, using this instead of the first argument.
  • Optimize for performance (limit lookups).
  • Implement a findAll variant that returns an array of all matches.
  • Think about using a third-party library to help with all of this until these kinds of features get standardized. Some third-party libraries are very good with all of this; it really depends on how extensively you'll need to manipulate these structures. Don't add a dependency for no reason, but don't burden yourself either by reinventing the wheel when it's not the component's goal.

Edit: Typo -- should mention I didn't run the code, please don't copy-paste blindly.

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