How to execute solr zookeeper CLI to upload solr configuration

My scala app needs to interact with solr cloud via zookeeper.I need to upload the solr configuration files(conf folder) to the zookeeper. It is done using the following shell command :

 cloud-scripts/ -cmd upconfig -zkhost zkHostAddress:2181 -d solr/collection/conf/ -n collection

I need this config upload to be done from my scala app itself and not use this shell command . How can I achieve this ?


Netflix wrote a good Zookeeper library called Curator (now an Apache project) that works quite well from Scala e.g the following code establishes a connection to ZooKeeper

private def getConnection(connection : String): Option[CuratorFramework] = {
   val retryPolicy = new ExponentialBackoffRetry(100,3)
    val newConn = CuratorFrameworkFactory.builder().
    try {

    } catch {
      case e:Exception => {

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