git alias for HEAD:refs/for/master

I am configuring Gerrit and I would like to avoid writing:

git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master

I would like to write:

git push review

I am sure it's possible modifying .git/config but I can't make it work.


I set up two different push types, review and noreview:

for reviews:

git config ssh://<GERRIT_HOST>:29418/<PROJECT_PATH>.git
git config refs/heads/*:refs/for/*
git push review # this will push your current branch up for review

to bypass review:

git config remote.noreview.pushurl ssh://<GERRIT_HOST>:29418/<PROJECT_PATH>.git
git config remote.noreview.push refs/heads/*
git push noreview # this will push your current branch up, bypassing review

Note that there are some Gerrit Project changes that need to be made by the Project Owner/Gerrit Admin in order to bypass a review as well. I think the "Push" permission will need to be added to the project for refs/* (unless you're getting specific about what branch you'll allow bypassing the review in). However, for reviews, the permissions needed to post in will already be set up. In other words, if your

git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master

is working, than the "review" part above should work as well without changing anything else.

Why don't create bash alias?

alias review="git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master"

Now you can just type:


If you want to work on more than one gerrit branch, check my bash helpers for that:

What you're best off doing is a Git scriptlet in your alias. Something like this works based on the 'upstream' branch, although I'd like to clean this up a little bit still:

  pub = "!f() { git push -u ${1:-origin} HEAD:`git config branch.$(git name-rev --name-only HEAD).merge | sed -e 's@refs/heads/@refs/for/@'`; }; f"

This way, you can simply type:

git pub

and it's just like you typed:

git push -u origin HEAD:refs/for/master


git push -u origin HEAD:refs/for/myremote-branch

The only requirement for this is that it is only compatible with the Git Bash shell on Windows, or one of the many Linux shells.

You might also be interested in git-review, which not only eliminates the push by simply providing for:

git review

... but also lets you do things like:

git review branchname

Checkout the Usage section on the link above for more.

Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but if you:

  1. Rename gerrit to review (with git remote rename gerrit review),
  2. git config push.default tracking, and
  3. git config branch.master.merge refs/for/master,

then you can git push review, and your master will be pushed to refs/for/master on gerrit.

And, incidentally, if you git config branch.master.remote review, then you can just git push and get the same thing.

And if you want to allow direct push to branch in refs/heads/ you simply add a right in gerrit web gui:

  1. open project properties,
  2. pick access,
  3. Add Reference,
  4. refs/heads/*
  5. pick "Push"
  6. type group name,
  7. refs/heads/*
  8. save.

youre done.

Those of you who want to push only to master branch through gerrit, add the following to .git\config

[remote "review"]                                                        
    push = HEAD:refs/for/master                 
    pushurl = ssh://GERRIT_URL:29418/PROJECT_NAME

or execute in project dir

git config HEAD:refs/for/master
git config ssh://GERRIT_URL:29418/PROJECT_NAME

Then you can use

git push review

to push to Gerrit. Using this method you can push from any of your local branches and the data will always go to master branch

Hi just create a simple script to automate the process:


   GROUP1_REVIEWER="group1 list of mail separated by space"
   GROUP2_REVIEWER="group2 list of mail separated by space"
   GROUP3_REVIEWER="group3 list of mail separated by space"

   ORIGIN=$(git config --get remote.origin.url)
   [ $? -ne 0 ] && echo "Git repo not found; EXIT" && exit 1

   case $1 in
       *) echo "Please specify one existent group"; exit 1 ;;

   [ "$1" == "" ] && echo "Please specify one existent group" && exit 1

   receivepack="$(printf "git receive-pack "; for reviewer in $REVIEWER_LIST ; do printf -- "--reviewer $reviewer "; done)"

   # check if review remote is already present
   git config -l | grep 1>/dev/null 2>&1
   [ $? -eq 0 ] && echo "Remote review already present; configure it manually; EXIT" && exit 1

   # start config
   echo "Adding new remote review config"
   git config $pushurl
   git config $push
   git config "$receivepack"

You will the use as: group1

And select the different group you need to configure.

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