OpenCV Android samples on Samsung Note 3

I'm trying to get the OpenCV Android samples to run on my Note 3. I get this error in logcat, and just a black screen on my Note 3 when I try to run any of them:

12-08 17:29:38.822: E/OpenCV_for_Tegra(15482): Canot create OpenGL context

Pretty sure I have everything setup right, SDK, NDK, OpenCV and OpenCV app from Google Play.

Looks like others are having same problem:

Anyone know a work around or status of fix? I can't seem to follow any of those link, maybe the OpenCV issues server is down?


Please install this and try again.

The file of the link is missing. In a Note 4, I installed the OpenCV Manager (ended with android8 in the file name) from the APK present in the OpenCV SDK and it works just fine!

For the OpenCV 2.4.X the folder and file is:


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