set the value for a checkbox using .prop

So, I have in my script the following code to assign the value of several text boxes that is working ok.

However, when I attempt to assign the value of a checkbox, nothing seems to be set for the checkbox. I have tried using .prop and .attr, so I am thinking my entire approach is wrong.

Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my unchanged code. I am trying to assign the value of the "#id_language_detail_multiple_languages":

    function setLanguageDetailsFormValues() {

    $('#id_language_detail_display_type').val('{{ language_details.language_detail_display_type }}');

    $('#id_language_detail_multiple_languages').val('{{ language_details.language_detail_multiple_languages }}');



If you want to assign the "value" of your text boxe, you will add to do something like this:

$('#YourId').attr('value', 'setYourValueHere')

If you want to have the value of your text box, just do:

var myValue = $('#YourId').attr('value')

That is the same thing for '.prop' !

If it wasn't what you wanted, be a little more specific or give us a :-)

By the way, you can also do:

if you go 1 checkbox:


Or just:

document.getElementById('yourCheckbox').value = 'YourValue';

If the value isn't set, it will return undefined, so be aware and check if it is !

Hi You can do it like following.Properties for checkboxes are different from textboxes.


if you want to read the checkbox value use like following



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