BST: print tree in sorted order using another key

I have next structures code in C for my binary tree:

struct student
    int studentID;
    char lastName[MAX_LENGTH];
    char firstName[MAX_LENGTH];
    float amount;

struct node
    struct student* record;
    struct node* left;
    struct node* right;

Records are inserted to the tree using studentID field as a key. When I'm printing the tree in order of studentID all is fine. But I want to print the SAME tree in order of lastName field.

I have only one idea: copy tree to array, sort array and display array.

Is there is any another solution?


You can build and maintain multiple binary search trees in parallel, optionally folding them into a single multi-indexed data structure:

struct node {
    struct student *record;
    struct node *left_by_id, *right_by_id,
                *left_by_name, *right_by_name;

Obviously, all the BST operations have to be modified for this to work: e.g. to insert a new struct student*, you must tie a single node into two trees.

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