Mercurial hg no suitable response from remote hg error

Trying setup mercurial SVM on my windows server (2008 RC) from last couple of hours. I am stuck on this error when I try to clone my repo from the client machine.

Error:  no suitable response from remote hg

The server that I am running has SSH access (SSH running on port 1667). I also have a remote access to it.

I tried to clone using command as well as with the help of tortoisehg gui client. Commands I tried is:

hg clone ssh://myuser@myremoteip:1667//D:/Mercurial Projects/testproj E:\Mercurial\testproj-clone

hg clone --remotecmd D:/Program Files/TortoiseHg/hg --verbose -- ssh://myuser@myremoteip:1667//D:/Mercurial Projects/testproj E:\Mercurial\testproj-clone

but no success so far.

I also added following line in global setting at client side to give remote path of hg on server but no luck:

remotecmd = D:/Program Files/TortoiseHg/hg

Please help me...


I had a similar problem and in my case it was that the computer had both TortoiseSVN and TortoiseHG installed. Both TortoiseHG and TortoiseSVN have a command TortoisePlink.exe that they use. However, due to the PATH, TortoiseHG was using TortoiseSVN's TortoisePlink.exe.

Uninstalling TortoiseSVN solved the problem for me.

You may open a "cmd" window and type:

where TortoisePlink.exe

to check what TortoisePlink.exe is used.

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