Data binding directly to a store query (DbSet, DbQuery, DbSqlQuery, DbRawSqlQuery) is not supported. Load not there

I am using EF and I have the following code in which I am trying to get rows from a view called interface5toSSHIP. The SQL Explorer reveals that the database view has one row right now. The following query doesn't seem to return it. What am I doing wrong?

IEnumerable<interface5toSSHIP> i5;
            using (RREM_GilbaneEntities3 entities3 = new RREM_GilbaneEntities3())
                i5 = from i in entities3.interface5toSSHIP
                select i;

Then I get the title error when I attempt to DataBind it:

grdvwInterface5ReadyToSend.DataSource = i5;
            grdvwInterface5ReadyToSend.AllowPaging = true;
            grdvwInterface5ReadyToSend.AllowSorting = true;

The problem is I can't find how to do the Load. I looked up an example like this:

IntranetModelContainer db = new IntranetModelContainer();
      return db.Entities.Local.OfType<Employee>();

I added a reference to System.Data.Entity and I can't find a .Entities off my entities3 or a LOad method. How do I do this?


I solved it by calling the ToList() method on it.

ToList() can be too slow, because it will try to get all properties (get{}) and resolve another objects related to it. A fast way can be:


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