SQL How to insert a new row in the middle of the table

Here is my problem:

I want to insert a new row in my table but there is already some registers in it. If I need to put this new row at the same row that a already register is, what should I do?

For example:

I have this table with this rows:

1 |Sample1
2 |Sample2
3 |Sample3

But now I want to insert a new row where Sample2 is, so the table should be like:

1 |Sample1
2 |NewSample
3 |Sample2
4 |Sample3

Any thoughts?


Any thoughts?

Yes. Please forget about changing the primary key (the ID) if you have references somewhere.

Rather add a column (e.g. ViewOrder) which is handling this explicitly for you:

ID|Value     | ViewOrder
1 |Sample1   |1
5 |NewSample |2
2 |Sample2   |3
3 |Sample3   |4

Query to select:

SELECT ID, Value, ViewOrder FROM yourTable ORDER BY ViewORDER

Insert / Update would look something like this (whereas YourRowIndex is the index where you wish to insert your new row, of course):

INSERT dbo.table (Value, ViewOrder) VALUES (@YourValue, @YourRowIndex);

The easy way is to add a new column -- set it to the same value as ID and then you have two choices, if you make it numeric you can just add a value in between

ID | Value     | OrderCol
1  | Sample1   | 1
4  | NewSample | 1.5
2  | Sample2   | 2
3  | Sample3   | 3

your other option is to renumber order -- which can be slow if you have a lot of stuff in the table.

You probably don't want to change ID since there might be an external table which references this identifier.

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