How to implement z-index and overflow

I am trying show "popup" windows that appear when the user hovers the cursor over a div. Everything is working fine, except when I added a scrollbar to my div. The CSS code to show the scrollbar is something like:

.scroll-menu {
   max-height: 100px;
   overflow-x: hidden;
   overflow-y: scroll;

Here is an image before including the .scroll-menu class,

And here is an image after including the CSS class.

I found this article where the author says why z-index in my scenario:

Now, my question is: How can I solve this issue? Is there any way to get working z-index and overflow?


This is not a z-index issue, but an overflow issue. Because you set the overflow to hidden any element visually sticking out of it's container, will be partially hidden - like in your screenshot. What you need to do is move your popup element outside of its container, the one that is set to overflow-x:hidden

so if your HTML currently looks like this:

<div class="scroll-menu">
    .... content ....
    <div class="popup"></div>

you want to change it to:

<div class="scroll-menu">
    .... content ....
<div class="popup"></div>

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