hudson ant netbeans custom configuration

Hi i have the following build-impl.xml file.

<project name="MyProject-impl" default="build" basedir=".." xmlns:webproject3="" xmlns:webproject2="" xmlns:jaxws="" xmlns:webproject1="">
    <import file="ant-deploy.xml"/>
    <target name="default" depends="dist,javadoc" description="Build whole project."/>

The problem is that ant-deploy.xml is not checked in and I do not want it to be checked in. Instead i want to be able to reference ant-deploy.xml from another file. How can I do this.

example ant-deploy.xml is put in C:\antDeployScript...


I found the solution.

The way i did it was

<property name="ant.deploy.folder" value="."/>
<import file="${ant.deploy.folder}/ant-deploy.xml"/>

Than in the advance setting of ant --> properties


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