QuickBooks SDK PurchaseOrderAdd.RefNumber.SetValue()

On December 4, 2013, the Quickbooks Pro 2013 SDK appears to have changed its behavior.

I have issued this command for years: SalesOrderValue = returned Sales Order Reference Value from creating a Sales Order


Quickbooks is no longer respecting this command. The created Purchase Order Reference Number is now the next consecutive Sales order Number, not the number that I tell it to use.

I have rebuilt the Quickbooks Data File. It did not help (hoping it was a bad index)

Any idea on what has happened? More importantly, is there is a fix to restore this functionality?


Completely ripping off 'user3150303' else but we installed SDK 13.0, and changed version number to 12 and it worked.

I had the same issue, only using QBFC. I fixed it by changing the line

requestMsgSet = sessionManager.CreateMsgSetRequest("US", 2, 0)


requestMsgSet = sessionManager.CreateMsgSetRequest("US", 13, 0)

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