Can any one explain Netezza Disadvantages?

While i am going through the Netezza OLAP appliance , i could see Netezza dynamic scaling is not possible,

can anyone please explain this ?


To start with :*netezza :*

  • not a columnar db
  • mix of olap & oltp
  • not mmp db
  • uses lots of memory for DB strucutres
  • downtime for maintainance

The good stuff - excelent integration with SAS,R,SPSS - fast analitics - simple to install and maintain - excelent integration with BI/ETL tools - row-lelev security support - uses pk at load time

The bad stuff - is row store (means is I/O bound) - poor enterprise fit (PostgreSQL foundation) - memory hog when more then 10 concurent queries - upgrade is a big problem ,"fork lift" required. - no internal storage - data load is limited ot 4 concurent streams - poor export perf becouse of the single head node - space reclaim lock the table in full lock

Go for HP Vertica

Hope this helps !!

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