typing dropdownlist

I want to create a dropdownlist but user can type on it. Then I want to use typed-text to filter data that I already filled dropdownlist with. I want to design it as new control. How can I do?

thank you


You can also look at this.. http://www.asp.net/ajax/ajaxcontroltoolkit/samples/combobox/combobox.aspx

[Update the link above is dead so here is the latest one] https://ajaxcontroltoolkit.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=ComboBox%20Control

ASP does not have a Editable dropdownlist. There are many available on internet have a look at

  1. http://authors.aspalliance.com/dotnetsolutions/Article2tmpl.aspx
  2. http://www.codeproject.com/KB/aspnet/EditableDropdown.aspx

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