Core Data export and mail in Xcode

I created an App that uses core data and I want to export the core data into a form that can be mailed and/or synced on a later version of this app. Can you please let me know 1- which form (XML, CSV, PDF...etc) is the best to export to from core date? 2- I need to send file via mail from the App itself so keep this in mind Appreciate if you could divert me to youtube tutorial or Stackoverflow question where I can find code for what I need. Thanks in advance for the help


I was looking for the exact same thing. I am exporting my data to XML using this code:

If you export each of your entities in Xcode (Click your Data Model and then click Editor > Create NSManagedObject Subclass) you can add the code to each of the subclasses.

From there you should be able to create an XML file with all your data.

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