Deploying a java web application online

I have built a java web application on Eclipse. But i am naive in terms of making an application live i.e. deploy it online. I have tried using Cloudbees, and succeeded in deploying it at run@cloud there, but could not see it actually running. I haven't purchased any domain name as of now, therefore I would like to try it on any free domain first. If I want to make that application live, what would be the exact steps that I'll have to follow ?


Use Redhat Openshift Cloud...

Redhat Openshift is a Cloud based service which provide PAAS(Platform As A Service) i.e. Use their Server and upload our Project.

Redhat Openshift also provides MySql , Postgre and MongoDB.

It Easy to understand, Simple to Configure and Auto-Scalable.

Redhat Openshift supports:

There are alternatives of Redhat Openshift - Google App Engine (GAE). But GAE restrict some of the class usages in Trial Verison.

Whereas Openshift have kept open and whatever user wants he can use and configure it.

Try Jelastic. They have a free trial as well. PS: Works for me each time.

If you have deployed successfully to RUN@cloud then your app is already running; there is no need to purchase a custom domain. If you log in to and click on the Apps tab, you should see your new application listed; the show in new window link will open the live web page. (This will be where appid is whatever you chose when creating the app, and accountid is rishabh85 or whatever your CloudBees login name is.)

You can also load this page directly from Eclipse, if using the CloudBees SDK (use to download or for more information). Configure your account information, and open the CloudBees view (available from the CloudBees toolbar button), and you will see your running apps. A context menu item lets you open the selected app live in a web browser.

Try Google app engine. You can deploy your Web applications and you ll get a free sub domain.

As I have small knowledge of working like this, its very easy. This is to inform you that its works like your own pc. In my last company they had a Windows server.. and Tomcat & MySQL was pre installed on that server. I just place my .war in the proper place & imported the blank DB.. and its starts working :)

Checkout my blog posts on creating a web service from scratch using Cloudbees. It's a series of 7 posts that have everything you need in order to get your service up and running (including an opensource code base with almost everything you need already integrated)

If you just want the fastest way, checkout this youtube video.

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