Grunt globbing ignore all directories

Say I have a directory structure and I have a grunt task that does something with source files:

src: [

This will match all files and folders inside foo/bar.

For instance, if I have a grunt task that runs "this.files.forEach", all files and folders will be iterated over. I know I can just check if the item is a file by "grunt.file.isFile", but is there a way to specify in the globbing pattern to only match files?


I think what you are looking for is the filter option which you can pass 'isFile' to.

Based on the gruntjs docs example, your configuration should look like:

  clean: {
    foo: {
      src: ["foo/bar/**/*"],
      filter: "isFile",

Not quite in the globbing pattern, but still more "declarative" than having to do a this.files.forEach with grunt.file.isFile.

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