Assign/Create controller while creating Ember View

var view = Ember.View.extend({

 templateName: 'some',
//action: 'save',
//click: function () { this.triggerAction(); },
init: function () {
this.set('controller', App.SomeController.create())


Here i am creating the view and appending to a div, however here i have to explicity set the controller this.set('controller', App.SomeController.create())

Is it possible to implicitly assign the controller while creating view?


No, that's kind of going backwards.

View's don't "have" a controller. Controller's "manage" a view. And the majority of time the parent controller is managing the view. Think of all of the reusable items, input helper, link-to etc, all views, backed by their parent controller.

That being said when you visit a route Ember hooks up the template to the view/controller backing that route. Often these are default implementations and you haven't specified anything different.

Here's the controller property on the Ember View.

    The controller managing this view. If this property is set, it will be
    made available for use by the template.

    @property controller
    @type Object
  controller: Ember.computed(function(key) {
    var parentView = get(this, '_parentView');
    return parentView ? get(parentView, 'controller') : null;

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