How to show Action Keys in window application always

I have a window application that has a menu that contains some items like 'File', 'Open','Save','Close'. I have added a Action Keys to the every items in menu as given below.

&File, &Open, &Save, &Close

Now when I run my application the all items visible without underline (Ex. File, Open , Save, Close) and when I press Alt button it appears with underline. And when I press Alt again the underline go invisible.

My problem is how can I set Action Keys to all the menu items that the underline always be visible either I press Alt button or not and when page load first time.

I am using Visual Studio 4.0 and Windows 7.


One of the possible solutions is overriding of menu items painting. For example when using the MenuStrip you can override it painting using the following code:

menuStrip1.Renderer = new CustomMenuStripRenderer();
class CustomMenuStripRenderer : ToolStripSystemRenderer {
    protected override void OnRenderItemText(ToolStripItemTextRenderEventArgs e) {
        e.TextFormat &= ~TextFormatFlags.HidePrefix; // Clear the "HidePrefix" bit

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