Working with dates in PHP and Javascript

I have some dates stored in YYYY-MM-DD format in a MySQL database that I need to pass to JQuery for use in a JQuery UI Calendar. The problem I'm having is that `2014-01-12 in PHP is January 12 2014, but February 12, 2014 in Javascript.

This is because 0 = January in Javascript.

So how can I reliably pass a date to Javascript?

I've tried doing a simple strtotime "-month", but obviously that's not actually what I want -- I don't want exactly a month to be removed, I want the date to remain the same, but in a different format.



$(document).ready(function() {

$startDate = date("Y,n,j", strtotime('-1 month'));
$endDate = date("Y,n,j", strtotime('+1 year -1 month')); 

var startDate = new Date(<?php echo $startDate; ?>);
var endDate  = new Date(<?php echo $endDate; ?>);


In JavaScript, months are zero-based. It might be nonsense at first, but consider this:

var names = ["Jan","Feb","Mar"...];
var thisMonth = names[date.getMonth()];

Pretty cool! But yeah, it's a gotcha, and subtracting a month in PHP won't fix it (especially if you're working in January).

You will need to subtract one from the months in the JavaScript side. Try this:

alert(new Date(<?php echo date("Y,n-1,j"); ?>));

Something like this, should do the job:

Database query:

SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP(date_field) AS mydate FROM table;

In Javascript:

var jsDate = new Date(<?php echo mydate; ?> * 1000);

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