how to register a sip user using MYSQL in asterisk?

I want to register a sip user dynamically by verifying the credentials specified in database which I have connected to ?


I suggest you read upon the extconfig.conf file, used especially for this:

; Static and realtime external configuration
; engine configuration
; See
; for basic table formatting information.
; Static configuration files:
; file.conf => driver,database[,table[,priority]]
; maps a particular configuration file to the given
; database driver, database and table (or uses the
; name of the file as the table if not specified)
;uncomment to load queues.conf via the odbc engine.
;queues.conf => odbc,asterisk,ast_config
;extensions.conf => sqlite,asterisk,ast_config

Regards, Mirko

You will need to make use of Asterisk Realtime Architecture (ARA), which enables you to store the configuration files (that would normally be found in /etc/asterisk) and their configuration options in a database table.

The following link clearly describes creation of databases to replace sip.conf with database table.

You will also need to setup the odbc connector for asterisk. You can find more information about installing mysql and its odbc connector in the following link.

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