Splitting string into words with swedish chars

I'm trying to split a string with text into words by using the php-function preg_split.

$words = preg_split('/\W/u',$text);

It works fine except for swedish chars lite åäö. Doing utf8_encode or decode doesn't help either. My guess is that preg_split only works with single byte chars and that the swedish chars are multibyte. Is there another way to do it?


Why are you paying any attention to specific characters?

$text = "Jag har hört så mycket om dig.";
$words = explode(" ", $text);
    [0] => Jag
    [1] => har
    [2] => hört
    [3] => så
    [4] => mycket
    [5] => om
    [6] => dig.

mb_split to the rescue (had problems myself with these some time ago, just now found the answer :)

mb_split('\W', $text);


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