How to generate method stubs automatically in VS 2008 or using Coderush Express?

Recently I implemented an interface which had some 130 members that i should implement (C#, but i think thats irrelevant).

How can i generate the stubs for all those automatically, in VS 2008

Edit:If its not possible in VS 2008, i've also installed Coderush Express, can some one guide me on how to do that with CR Express ?


Left click on the interface, select "implement interface."

public class Whatever : IXmlSerializable

You need to click near the "I" that has a little underline.

Also, other tools such as Resharper and DevExpress do it for you too.

Are you using VS.NET Professional?

In Visual Studio, if you click on the Interface you're implementing, you'll see a little menu option. Click on that and select "Implement Interface". This should produce all the stubs.

 public class YourClassName : IComparable

You can also right click on the interface --> Implement Interface --> Implement Interface.

Does the same as Kris and Tenaciouslmpy says.

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