Does jQuery internally convert HTML5 data attribute keys to lowercase?

I am trying to conform my JavaScript coding style to my Zend coding style as much as possible, which is using camelCase. So, in my HTML5 data attributes, I am naming them as in this example:

<button class="action" data-actionClass="user" data-actionMethod="delete" data-actionRequest="/user/delete/user-id/1" data-actionComplete="{reload:users}">Delete User #1</button>
<div id="users" data-reloadRequest="/user/index"> ... </div>

Pretty unobtrusive way to harness Jquery for actions, but when I call $('.action').data(), the attribute names are converted to lowercase.

Any workarounds for this?

I never though JavaScript variables should have dashes in them, and I can't understand why jQuery is internally doing this for me? Or maybe it is HTML5?


If you use


then you can access the attribute with


This is part of the HTML5 DOM API:

The custom data attributes is transformed to a key for the DOMStringMap entry with the following rules:

  • any dash (U+002D) is removed;
  • any letter following a dash (U+002D), before its removal, is set in its uppercase counterpart.

First off, see this part of the source code of JQuery, it assumes you have lower case attributes.

Secondly, by convention, all HTML5 attributes should be lowercase, see:

Finally, be warned you may encounter futher problems if you insist on using upper cases, see Django: Unable to add UPPERCASE attribute name in HTML input element

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