Why isn't Entity Framework recognizing my procedure?

I am trying a function import, and EF doesn't recognize my procedure.

That's it:

ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.AddNewTicketFieldOption
        @ticketFieldID INT,
        @optionID INT

INSERT INTO tbTicketFieldOptions
(cdTicketField, cdOption)
(@ticketFieldID, @optionID)

--only to return something, EF hack


Actually this procedure doesn't need a return. But I know EF requires it, so I've tried this scalar return (using RETURN 0 also), and selecting top 1 from an entity, using the select of an already recognized procedure.

When I try to update the model, it doesn't show up with this new procedure.

Is it something with the naming? I'm lost with it.


What about permissions?

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I have indeed tried to check here and else were for solution to this but no luck, probably because am a newbee.