Play Framework examine HTTP request

I was wondering how to examine an HTTP request in Play Framework 2.1. The only information I can find on the documentation is via the conf/routes mechanism:

GET   /clients/:id Long)  

but this will only allow us to get the parameter id from the path. How do I access other part of the request, such as header or query params? In other words, what are Play's equivalents of JAX-RS @HeaderParam, @FormParam, @QueryParam and such?


Within an action, you can get the request header using the request() method, for instance, in Java:

public static Result index() {
  // example of a Header
  String userAgent = request().getHeader("User-Agent");

  // example of a query parameter
  String q = request().getQueryString("q");

You can take a look at the API for Java or Scala.

This line worked for me:

implicit request => val User-Agent:String = request.headers.get("User-Agent").get

Better use a constant than a hardcoded String, in Scala the code is

import play.mvc.Http

val userAgent: String = request.headers.get(Http.HeaderNames.USER_AGENT).get

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