neo4j-shell-tools, neo4j-shell auto-index and import command not found

I'm trying to import data using the Neo4j-shell-tools . But both the auto-index command and the import-csv/import-geoff commands are not found.

Google doesn't return much useful, and this seems too trivial to be true, but I really can't seem to find a solution.

I'm running Neo4j 2.0.0, using the Yum repository at (but with java 1.7.0_u45), on CentOS 6.5, latest tools-package from github.

I triple checked the location of the jars, they are located in /usr/share/neo4j/lib (but I also copied them to the plugins directory and root directory). There is also a /var/lib/neo4j directory, which holds my database. I cannot imagine I need to copy the jars to that "lib" directory...


Whoa, version 2.0 needs a special distribution of the import tools, located at:

Make sure to delete all previous version of import-tools, just overwriting won't do as some filenames are different from both packages. restart server, start shell and you're good to go.

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