Maven dependency update on commandline

I have a maven project that was built on the commandline for eclipse and one of the dependencies is constantly changing. How do I update this dependency on the commandline as I have heard that it is a bad idea to mix m2e plugin and commandline. Furthermore, I tried running mvn eclipse:eclipse on the command line and it messes up the project in eclipse removing the dependencies folder.


mvn clean install -U

-U means force update of dependencies.

Also, if you want to import the project into eclipse, I first run:

mvn eclipse:eclipse

then run

mvn eclipse:clean

Seems to work for me, but that's just my pennies worth.

If you just want to re-load/update dependencies (I assume, with constantly changing you mean either SNAPSHOTS or local dependencies you update yourself), you can use

`mvn dependency:resolve`

Simple run your project online i.e mvn clean install . It fetches all the latest dependencies that you mention in your pom.xml and built the project

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