Gujarati Webpage not showing Perfectly in Webview

I am opening WebPage which contains Gujarati language but its showing just English words in Android WebView.

So how can i supports Gujarati words also.

You can see difference in following images:

String url = "";
webView =  (WebView) findViewById(;
Webpage Showing Like This:

Android WebView Showing like this:


As i give answer of this question i am succeed but i want to finally display Gujarati links in unsupported Devices, How can i? Help me for that please.


Finally got the solution:

I have run this application in emulator thats why it is not displaying Gujarati fonts (may be gujarati lang. is not supported in emulator) but now It is perfectly running on device.

Sometimes it happens with emulator that our application is running correctly on device but not in emulator.

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