What kind of data type is "long long"?

I don't know this type. Is that the biggest one from all? I think it is an integer type, right? Or is it a floating point thing? Bigger than double?


Its an integer, at least as big as long.

According to C99 standard, long long is an integer type which is at least 64-bit wide. There are two integer 64-bit types specified: long long int and unsigned long long int

So, yes, this is the biggest integer type specified by C language standard (C99 version).

There is also long double type specified by C99. It's an extended precision floating point numeric data type long for 80-bits on most popular x86-based platforms and implementations of C language.

The short and simple is that a long long is an int that is at least 64 bits wide. The long(hehe) drawn out rationale for this is here. Basically, it is a response to 64 bit architecture and backwards compatibility. And the name long long was deemed the least bad of all possibilities by the standards committee.

It's a 64-bit integer on most 64-bit platforms

Source Wikipedia

A long long is an integer data type, usually 4 or 8 bytes wide depending on the platform. More info wikipedia

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